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Our Services


The Outpatient department of various specialties are located in Ground and First floors. They operate from 7AM till 6PM. We accept upfront spot appointments at reception desk, however, we recommend you to call to confirm the availability of your chosen Consultant doctor.


The in-patient wards are located on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floors. 

Floor 2: ICU/POST-OP/Operation Theatres

Floor 3: Medicine and Women ward + Cabins

Floor 4: Surgical and Male ward + Cabins


We provide 24 hours emergency services for major/minor accidents and trauma, head injuries and other specialties. It is equipped with modern facilities backed by Doctor 24 hrs, Medical Officer level as first on call and consultants as second on call.

Contact for any Grievances

Mr Ramesh Pandey

PR Officer/Technical co-ordinator

Available 24×7 for all patient related, care related, referral related and technical grievances.

  • 977-56-520180
  • 9845141212
  • 977-56-520180
  • 977-56-520180

MKH Promotional Video

The wordings of this video are from the heart of a treating team. When it is a matter of time, the urgency that can decide fate between life and death. One reassuring smile and caring is a gesture which comforts our clients on their road to recovery. 

Glimpses of Manakamana Hospital

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